Saturday, May 18, 2024


How many will get unemployed, according to ChatGPT?

The question, "How good or bad consequences the unlimited rise of artificial intelligence will create for humanity" is the trend as ChatGPT is hitting...


Analog vs. Digital recording? Which one is superior?

Both Digital or Analog recordings transform sound signals into an electrical signal. While performing that, analog use different method to replicate the original sound...

How Deep-sea mining destroys ocean floor?

Everything has started after the 1960’s book called "J. L. Mero's Mineral Resources of the Sea". After the idea of descending to the inner...



Interview with Nedim Can İncebay, the Rising Star of War History Animation Videos

My relationship with YouTube changed remarkably 9 months ago when I bought a phablet phone to enjoy videos independent of the PC. Wasting no...


Apollo 8 Astronaut: Sending People to Mars Would Be Stupid

Bill Anders, who is famous for the "Earthrise" photo which is the first ever picture of Earth from the orbit of the Moon, critized Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos on their highly ambitious space exploration projects.

The Most Tragic Space Accident Of The Cold War Era: Soyuz-1

Following the victory over Nazi Germany in WW2, United States and the Soviet Union wasted no time gathering trophies all over Germany, including many...
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