10 Interesting Facts About Human Beings

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There are probably more than 100 interesting facts about human beings. However, we wanted to share 10 of them with you. We hope you enjoy it and learn something new with us!

If you’re 80 years old and have an active life, in your lifetime, you probably walked enough to travel around the world 5 times.

In a lifetime, a person produces enough saliva to fill more than two swimming pools. However, we don’t know the size of the pools.

Every time you drink water, it might contain a dinosaur’s molecule that it drank itself.

An average person has enough DNA to travel from the Sun to the Pluto 17 times.

It approximately takes 60 seconds for an individual blood cell to complete its travel in your body.

You start developing fingerprints when you’re around 3 months old.

Your teeth carry 99% of your body’s calcium.

Do you want to live longer? If yes, then you should get enough sleep – at least 7 hours a night.

Your nose has a huge impact on the sound and shape of your voice.

Your tongue has the strongest muscles in your body, however, when you get older you lose them easily. It also means losing your taste buds.

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