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What questions to ask before Starting a Campaign Management?

Europe’s priorities can be influenced by strong campaigns. With campaigns, we can create awareness in the society. If you want to learn the general technics on how to boost your organisational image and gain the necessary confidence to implement campaigns you need to first make your points clear.  

The Dandelion Group in Brussels offers six different types of communication workshops for eurocrats, civil society organisations, public affair leaders and for students (more info please look). One of those workshops is called European Campaign Management. If you learn how to craft an impactful campaign in a short time you need to tell the right stories to the right people.

But first, what is a campaign? And how can you easily take attention?


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What is a Campaign?

Sometimes traditional means are not working to transform the hearts and the minds of people in our society because of belief systems and traditions. Or, sometimes the target groups are so powerful and difficult to influence that it is out of our limits of time and budget. In that point, change agents want to make a point, but let’s imagine that the change is still not happening then campaigns are one way of fixing social problems.

First, you need to take the mass society on your side. Making the public talk about the problem is half of the solution. Next, you need to address the right problem at the right time. It is very important to be ready for the next level in advance. Here are some necessary steps to design the right questions even before going into effective campaigning:

Ask 5 Questions Before Starting Your European Campaign Management

1. The first question that you suppose to know is: Does your message universal enough thus you don’t offend some other parts of the society? Trying not to shame or offend any minority or fragile part of society is very important.

2. The second question is: Are you addressing the right issue? You need to know the specific change you want to see around you. Getting the right issue addressed is the biggest step before even started the campaign.

3. Thirdly, does the communication material vibrant enough so that you don’t bore people? Depending on the budget, the communication materials need to be dynamic to catch the attention.

4. The fourth important question is: Are you using the right channel to reach your audience? Every audience differs from each other. If you understand the character and the temperament of your audience it will become very easy for you to handle the right messages.

What are the interests of your audience? Which platforms are they more visible? What do they read?

5. Lastly, does your campaign-specific enough such that it becomes measurable, achievable, realistic and time-wise? You need to do one campaign at a time. Dreaming is all good in the beginning but the campaign needs to fit into some measurable criteria.

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How to sub-question the problematic?

These additional questions will help you to invest in your idea. Start asking these questions as well. What is the actual problem? Is change possible in that sector? Who is responsible for it?

  • What is the solution? Define a clear proposal of what needs to be done.
  • What is the benefit? Don’t do what’s already being done. Search for an added value in your proposal.
  • What do we have to do? Define one clear problem and propose one single solution. There is no one size of solution fits all the problems of the world.

Asking the right questions before delivering a complete media plan is essential for campaign management. Right campaign management tools will allow your organisation to have a better campaign performance and outcome.


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