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Check out the Moon exploration footage rendered to 4K by AI

Space exploration enthusiasts used artificial intelligence (AI) to render the footage of the Apollo 16 mission, resulting in a spectacular 4K resolution video.

The last known manned Moon exploration mission, Apollo 17, occurred in December 1972. That date goes back decades before high-resolution cameras appeared on the consumer market. Astronauts carried and used low-resolution analogue films in Apollo missions. Eventually, the highest quality of the Moon exploration years left behind noisy, cool vintage footage, and it was not easy to grasp an idea of what was happening in them.

Nevertheless, the necessary people who are skilled in benefiting from the modern tech made an outstanding job by revieweing the Apollo 16 mission footage. YouTube channel Dutchsteammachine increased the 12 frames per second (fps) Apollo 16 footage taken by 16 mm film to 60 fps 4K resolution (3180×2160) by using the DAIN artificial intelligence platform. In the footage, you can see the landscape filmed in the skirts of Shorty Crater with the Moon exploration vehicle.

The rendered footage is quite amazing; enabling the viewer to see the landscape of the Moon through the eyes of an astronout without the need of a virtual reality (VR) glasses or a newest model of a giant screen. The conversations in the video are synchronised with the footage taken during the Apollo 16 mission. The conversations reflect the daily routine of astronauts on the Moon, 400,000 kilometres away from Earth.

While thanking the Dutchsteammachine team for their effort, we are expecting to see the newly rendered footage of the Apollo missions. You can check the video below:

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